OctoBit allows you to manage all your cryptocurrencies from one online account. Store safely, easy to get and quickly to send Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies. Highest standards of safety are incorporated like encrypted with SSL connection over HTTPS protocol, two-factor authorization, trusted IP addresses.

Octobit is currently having an active airdrop campaign where 62 Million OctoBit Coin will be distributed. Coins will be distributed immediately after confirming all procedure steps.


1. Sign up in online wallet https://octobit.io (25)

2. Confirm your email in octobit.io (100)

3. Enter your telegram account (50)

4. Enter your name or nickname in the chat(50)

5. Enter your phone number (50)

6. Confirm your bitcointalk account (up to 350 depending on the number of activity, from 10 activity with 1 OCTO for each)

7. Confirm your Twitter account (50)

8. Confirm your Facebook account (50)

9. Leave a message in our online wallet thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3301023 (100)

10. Make the retweet from your Twitter of the following tweet: https://twitter.com/OctoBitIO/status/999349728834973696 (up to 500 depending on the number of subscribers)

11. Make a repost from your FB account of the next post: https://www.facebook.com/OctoBit.IO/posts/215111635960778 (up to 300 depending on the number of subscribers)

12. Fund wallet with any MINIMAL amount in any crypto currency (1000)

Attention! Reposts, retweets, and message in the subject, is checked manually so after all your actions you need to write about it in this thread of AIRDROP with references to your profiles from which the reposts were made.

We reserve the right to require proof of all information inserted by You to confirm that all the accounts and data really belong to You, if, in the case of suspicions concerning unfair implementation of requirements and in case of no opportunity for your to confirm that all your accounts and data specified in the implementation process belong to you, your account will be deactivated and all funds received will be transferred to other providers. Transfer of funds from the AIRDROP accounts will be available immediately after their accrual.

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