Crypto Company Mines Bitcoin in Space

A crypto mining company has delivered a balloon to the stratosphere to mine Bitcoin on the border of distance, reaching 35,000 meters at elevation. The business also contributed with the final results of its poll on precisely what the amount tag on Bitcoin will be this year.

The company describes itself a pool even a cloud, however, "a network of folks who would like to mine cryptocurrency profitability." The group will be "therefore bullish on Bitcoin" that it expects that this PR stunt is going to be observed as "a sign that [the cost of] Bitcoin goes to 35,000 and outside."

The massive latex balloon full of helium features a parachute attached. It includes ASIC mining equipment, for example 2 ASIC USB Block Erupters, attached to "a Raspberry-Pi micro-computer, a battery charger, and a satellite mobile" that "are typical placed within the carbon-fibre SMO capsule ... and a souvenir alloy 'Bitcoin' for starters lucky winner of this Miner One Sweepstakes," the band detail by detail.