Effect.AI Force Partners with Lobster.Media for Private Alpha Stage


Effect.AI is excited to announce that Lobster is the first high profile requestor to use its decentralized Human-Intelligence-Task platform Effect Force. Lobster.media, a stock photography giant competing with the likes of Shutterstock and Getty Images, will utilize Effect Force to enrich a sizeable part of its catalogue with accurate data, making it easier for Lobster.media’s machine learning algorithms to serve up the best possible results for their users.

In the private alpha, Effect.AI has an internal team of 10 working on the very first tasks. Effect Force has over 4000 registered workers that will gain access to the over 20 million image classification tasks in the near future. Payment for all tasks on the Effect Force platform will be in the Effect.AI cryptocurrency EFX.

Lobster.media: social content marketplace with over 30 billion user-generated photos and videos

Lobster.media is a next-gen stock photography platform that makes it possible for artists and photographers to offer their material by connecting their social media accounts to Lobster.media’s comprehensive image and video database. This approach offers several advantages: 1. the ease with which material can be added to Lobster.media’s marketplace ensures a constant stream of original content 2. Lobster.media takes care of licensing options allowing companies to source great content with none of the hassle and 3. much like the Effect Force platform, Lobster.media offers fair payment for content created by its users, incentivizing the creation of high quality, original content.

Olga Egorsheva, CEO of Lobster.media, on the partnership with EFFECT.AI: “One of the challenges that comes with having a large database is making sure we offer the right piece of content from the thousands of possible hits associated with a certain set of keywords. Using Effect Force for classification of over 10 million images allows us to greatly increase the accuracy with which content is surfaced for our users.

Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI: “In the next couple of years, demand for high quality image classification (and other types of data sorting) will increase dramatically. Until algorithms become smart enough to accurately interpret images and video without human help, platforms like Effect Force will provide the data sets required by Lobster.media and other companies that work with machine learning. The partnership with Lobster.media allows us to illustrate what Effect Force can offer in terms of speed, accuracy and value for money.”


EFFECT.AI is developing a Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence and AI related services on the NEO blockchain. EFFECT.AI’s main objective is to build a platform that will stimulate AI development and the creation of various AI services. The platform will be more democratic, accessible and easy to use than what is currently available.

The Effect Network will be launched in three overlapping phases:

Phase 1: Effect Force

In the first phase, Workers will be able to perform a large variety of Human Intelligence Tasks. This gives AI developers and other Requesters access to an easy way of creating data-sets and outsourcing large amounts of work to a reliable and accurate workforce. Fair payment, attractive rates and improved accuracy give Effect Force its edge over the competition.

Phase 2: Effect Smart Market

The second phase is the creation of the Effect Smart Market, a decentralized marketplace that will further empower developers by allowing them to collaborate with others and to trade their algorithms and DApps on a fully Decentralized Network.

Phase 3: Effect Power

The third phase ties it all together by using the blockchain to distribute the processing power needed to run the newly created algorithms over a global network providing an alternative that is more reliable and scalable than traditional server farms.