Blockchain is the hottest topic in technology, with the prospect of streamlining many facets of everyday life. The NEO Black Sea Community is bringing together top developers in the region for a three-day hackathon to tackle issues affecting the Georgian people, by improving government services using smart contracts. Seeing potential in the region, global blockchain leader NEO, the multi-billion dollar blockchain organization based in Shanghai, China, is providing mentors for the event, along with a prize worth $5,000 in its digital currency, GAS. Georgian American University (GAU) and GeoLab are providing their top class facilities for the exclusive event. “There is a massive demand for blockchain engineers, and an even bigger demand for developers with an ability to program smart contracts,” says Hackathon organizer Sean Mulcahey. “Developers can certainly adapt the skills and knowledge they already have to become experts in the NEO blockchain and smart contract system,” Mulcahey adds. “At the end of the day, this is all about building a better Georgia, a better region, and a better society by bringing everyone into the new Smart Economy.”

The NEO Black Sea Community Hackathon, kicks off on Sept. 28 at 19:00. Teams will continue programming on the 29th from 09:00 - 23:00. Final touches will take place on the 30th at 14:00, with final presentations at 16:00, and an award ceremony at 18:00. The event takes place at Geolab in GAU, 8 Merab Alexidze Str., Tbilisi, Georgia, 0160. The NEO Black Sea Community believes in the transparency and pragmatism of NEO, its power to create for the future and in its promise of continuous improvement. We believe NEO’s smart economy will bring a positive change to the world and we will contribute to that in the Black Sea Region.