Profede and beBee Announce Partnership

Profede has signed an agreement with beBee ‘The Collaborative Platform for Professionals to gain quick market entry once launched through beBee’s 12 million users. beBee’s network was created to allow people to showcase and share their personal brand and market themselves to employers, clients, customers, vendors and media in their respective industries. beBee allows users to network with each other through common personal and professional interests, uniting their personal and professional lives in one place.

beBee’s social platform has grown to over 12 million users in more than 100 countries since its launch in 2015. The platform can be found in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The startup was even selected and tipped to be a future Unicorn startup.

Profede aims to disrupt the professional market as today we are bombarded by contact requests and mails on various platforms that make billions from owning our data such as CV’s, contact details and more as this information has a value, while the data creators receive nothing. Blockchain based Profede was designed to help us gain back control, power and security from the antiquated and outdated methods which currently exist.

This is achieved by users setting a price that they are willing to accept for those contact requests and mails, deciding who they want to approve contact with and for what purpose, this makes professionals a participant in the profit equation. Users can earn tokens each time they approve in sharing their contact details or receiving a mail, so that they only receive contact requests that are of quality and worthy of their time. It’s time for internet users, who are the real data creators, to rightfully make a profit from sharing their data and be added to the value chain.

Profede’s protocol will be adopted by beBee and will be available to over 12 million users when it is launched next year. This is a huge vote of confidence to new and current investors as this means the Profede Protocol will have a swift launch to the market and will give power back to the professional user.

Along with Profede, beBee firmly believes that blockchain is the next natural step in the field of professional networking as it will enable more engagement within the collaborative economy.

Once launched, beBee fully understands the advantages of using the Profede Protocol. As this will offer their users;

- Monetization and control of their own information

- Pricing control

- Security over personal information by users deciding who they want to share information with, at what price and which parts of the information users want to share

- Professional ratings, meaning businesses and professionals can wisely choose who they want to conduct business with efficiently.

- There will be no need to duplicate information between other apps.

Through the use of Profede, professionals would no longer have to spend time working on their personal brands on social platforms that didn’t add them to the profit equation as at Profede professionals can earn tokens each time they share their data with others. Through the use of beBee professionals have a collaborative platform where they can showcase and share their content with like-minded people. Therefore we are excited to announce the partnership of Profede and beBee. Through this partnership users will not only have an ecosystem where professionals are compensated for their data but they will be able to enjoy an enhanced user experience with like-minded people where users have control, power and security over their data.